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Nurturing Beginnings
Nurturing Beginnings
Nurturing Beginnings
Nurturing Beginnings


“My honoring ceremony is one of the best memories I have from my pregnancy, I wasn’t sure if it was right for me but so glad I kept an open mind and had it. I cried, laughed, and bonded with the woman in my life in a way I had never before. I encourage all Mom’s to celebrate yourself in this way!! and a huge thanks to Aracely for treating me like a goddess and not letting me lift a finger.”


– Megan J.

“We were so nervous due to our son’s diagnosis and the added stress of an induction but Aracely was amazing! She kept my wife calm and worked so hard to keep her focus. I’m so happy we had her.”


– Jeff D.

“Belly binding is so amazing…….and it looks so beautiful!!!”


– Ellie B.

“Best experience ever! Just how I had imagined it!!!”


– Nicole D.

“Aracely was so fantastic! I’m so grateful she was with us! Our sweet baby girl was not expected to make it for long after birth and we knew her complications were many but Aracely treated us no different and was so caring. We will always remember our journey with our sweet baby and her.”


– Adela P.

“Best doula EVER!! Thank you for being a part of this experience.”

– Raquel M.

“Thank you!”

– Mario S.

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